Unpacking Relational Contracts

Published: 01 Nov 2016 Average Rating: 4 / 5 Print

Author: David Frydlinger, Tim Cummins, Kate Vitasek and Jim Bergman

The Practitioner's Go-To Guide for Understanding Relational Contacts.


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Automotive OEM
2017-02-27 23:22:00

How to enforce NDA?

Hi everyone, Can anyone please share their advice on how you enforce your Non-Disclosure Agreement? If you have a large pool of subcontractors working on information ...
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Have you signed up for the Contract and Commercial Management MOOC?

A repeat of the free online course previously hosted will be available starting November 14th, 2016. Gain unique ideas and insights into the world of business and trad...
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Endurance Services Limited
2016-10-23 02:55:59

Contract Benchmark Data

I have been trying to hunt down general bench-marking data on contracts since I became a member in May of this year and have been studying in the CCM Practitioner prog...
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LEGO System A/S
2016-09-30 15:18:12

Query about the post from IACCM dated 26 Sep 2016

Hi Lana, I just want to inquire about below statement in subject post: "LIMITED TIME OFFER to our existing CCM Practitioners - Advanced Practitioner Program 50% ...
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CM3 Consultancy Ltd
2016-09-14 13:09:01

Procurement Today and Over the Coming Decade

Interesting webinar presentation from Pat Mitchell to IACCM members on 'Procurement Today and Over the Coming Decade'. Particularly interesting on the subject of embe...

thyssenkrupp CSA
2016-09-03 11:50:59

Education on Contract Management - Is it necessary for the sucess of the contract?

Dear colleagues, I've read an article in a magazine about stakeholders management (education, motivation, behavior and emotional) and I got thinking about the impact ...
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New International Technology Co.
2016-08-26 06:41:53

The Real Reason Negotiating Fails

Great intervention ! Mediocrity is a real threat at all levels of organization...
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2016-07-25 05:41:43

Formal Degree/Diploma related to the Contract & Commercial Management

I am currently working as Contract & Commercial Manager in an IT Company. Although I work in this area, I don't possess any degree /diploma/certification related t...
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2016-07-14 14:49:05

contract review to ensure terms comply with regional customs

I am interested in having my agreements reviewed to make sure they comply with regional UK, Hong Kong and China laws and customs. I would like this review to identify ...
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