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Welcome to the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Community.

Group Mission/Vision: Provide its members with insights to new trends and emerging practices in the fields of contracting, commercial and relationship management in the oil and gas sector. This community was started by the members of IACCM in the industry to talk about issues particular to them.

The Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Community of IACCM is a global group of contracts and commercial practitioners from companies in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries. The Community will create and share knowledge, within legal and ethical boundaries. The group will provide help to solve problems raised by its members related to the activites associated with commercial and contract management in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries. This will be done by sharing ideas, discussing challenges, exploring new directions and, where appropriate, initiating research or inviting experts to present on key topics in the oil and gas sector related to contract, commercial and relationship management. Since this is a highly regulated industry, please be mindful of that when making postings.

The Community will:

  1. Build a vibrant network of contracts and commercial practitioners in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries.
  2. Offer networking events whenever possible to our community.
  3. Provide standards and best practices for use by our community.
  4. Provide Ask the Expert Calls.
  5. Review available training and provide quality IACCM training in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries
  6. Provide Subject Matter Experts and a “body of knowledge” for our community.
  7. Provide breakout forums at IACCM conferences for Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industry subjects.
Community Updates

COI Webinar: Getting the Most from Your Contract Data: How ConocoPhillips is using Dashboards to make Contract Management Easier

Thursday 26th September 2017 - 11 AM New York/Caracas, 4 PM London/Lagos, 5 PM Amsterdam, 8:30 PM Mumbai, 11 PM Perth/Singapore ConocoPhillis will share how they are using reporting solutions to merge Contracting data with Transactional information to create user friendly dashboards that make it easier to manage contracts.  The presentation will cover the drivers for developing their reporting solution, core use cases and the technology that makes it work.Our Experts:Jim Pearson:  Manager of Supply Chain Contracts & SourcingRoger Bhalla:  Manager of Supply Chain Shared Services & TechnologyTaylor Smith:  Supervisor of Supply Chain Technology Enablement   


Do we need contracts? Industry speaks

We all know that people have different views about the purpose and value of contracts. But what about industries? Do they also have distinct perspectives? Based on IACCM's recent survey on 'the purpose of a contract', the answer appears to be yes. And for any negotiator - especially when working across industry borders - those variations are important to understand. There is only one area in which there is unanimity of purpose - and that is in defining rights, responsibilities and obligations.


The SAP v. Diageo decision - a realistic approach to indirect access?

Following the high court decision in the case of SAP UK Limited (SAP) v. Diageo Great Britain Ltd (Diageo), routine software arrangements many organisations have in place could become subject to significant additional costs. This article looks at the practical effect of the decision and analyses whether the outcome is realistic in our interconnected world before going on to explain the key impacts for your organisation and steps you need to take now.


Bank guarantees in gas companies

I would like to know in which areas are oil and gas companies utilizing financial guarantees such as performance bond or parent company guarantee. The experience at other Major Oil companies is that these are mostly used for Major Capital projects where there is construction of facilities. For oil field services I have not seen it used that widely so looking to see if you have any supporting data/experience. It may also be region specific...i.e. European companies utilize them more than US based companies. • What else do companies usually use apart from 'performance bond' or 'parent company guarantees'? • What type of risks do these guarantees cover? In which circumstances? Thanks in advance. Alicia


procurement,contract/commercial role

Hello, Is it a standard for Contract/ Commercial Manager /team in a Company to also handle procurement/purchases of items. Or do the Company need to have Manager/team for the procurement.


Buyers & Risk

If buyers fail to understand the risks of post-contractual opportunism that can occur when they enter into long-term collaborative relationships, and if they allow suppliers to create high switching costs operationally, then the buyer may not receive the currently best available value for money deal in the market, but a sub-optimal offering from which it is difficult to exit. - The problem with win-win Why the notion of 'win-win' in collaborative long-term buyer-supplier relationships is as misguided as it is overused

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