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Announcing the 2015 IACCM Innovation Awards Finalists

Selecting from 72 valid entries from organizations large and small, public and private, including many of the world's top brands, IACCM is pleased to announce and recognize the finalists of the 2015 edition of the innovation awards - individuals and teams who are raising the profile of contract and commercial capability within their organizations.


Global Risks 2015 10th Edition

Global Risks 2015, 10th Edition is published by the World Economic Forum within the framework of The Global Competitiveness and Benchmarking Network.


UK company employing resourecs in Guam

Hi All I have just started the process of setting up a company in Guam, which is not the easiest thing to do if you are a non-US entity. I have a couple of questions and seek the valued input from this forum: In the short term I will be taking on a couple of sub-contractors to perform IT services in Guam, and once we have set up a presence in Guam they will transfer into the Guam office. a. Any ideas on contacts for a local registered agent that I can use for assisting in setting up the office? b. What type of contract would you suggest for the Guam resources to be used in the short term until the local entity is established.? I have contemplated having them sign our sub-contract agreement, however this is under English law and I'm unsure of tax liabilities for the individuals in Guam. Any advice is appreciated. Kind Regards Mike

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