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What will contracting look like 5 years from now? What role will it play in the business?


Announcing the 2015 IACCM Innovation Awards Finalists

Selecting from 72 valid entries from organizations large and small, public and private, including many of the world's top brands, IACCM is pleased to announce and recognize the finalists of the 2015 edition of the innovation awards - individuals and teams who are raising the profile of contract and commercial capability within their organizations.


Global Risks 2015 10th Edition

Global Risks 2015, 10th Edition is published by the World Economic Forum within the framework of The Global Competitiveness and Benchmarking Network.


Projects, Contracts, Commercial Management and Complexity

Projects, Contracts, Commercial Management and Complexity Presentation provided by Brett Ackroyd & Bruce Everett, Partners, Brooke Institute at the IACCM Australia and New Zealand meetings Feb/March 2015. Projects continue to fail and contracts aren't fit for purpose, flexible or adjusted for complexity


When regulation becomes political

It might be argued that all regulation is ultimately political, but notices issued by the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology appear to cross new boundaries. They threaten operations in China by all foreign banks, undermine competition in the technology sector and show complete disregard for the intellectual property rights of non-Chinese software companies.


UK company employing resourecs in Guam

Hi All I have just started the process of setting up a company in Guam, which is not the easiest thing to do if you are a non-US entity. I have a couple of questions and seek the valued input from this forum: In the short term I will be taking on a couple of sub-contractors to perform IT services in Guam, and once we have set up a presence in Guam they will transfer into the Guam office. a. Any ideas on contacts for a local registered agent that I can use for assisting in setting up the office? b. What type of contract would you suggest for the Guam resources to be used in the short term until the local entity is established.? I have contemplated having them sign our sub-contract agreement, however this is under English law and I'm unsure of tax liabilities for the individuals in Guam. Any advice is appreciated. Kind Regards Mike


IACCM members in the Philippines

Hi, Will be re-locating to the Philippines late October and keen to touch base with any IACCM members in the region. I've worked for a number of large IT companies in Europe and the Middle East (HP and Dell) with experience in both procurement and commercial contract management into both the public and private sector. I've also worked in emerging markets and seriously considering using Philippines as a base to start my own business and would be interested in any local words of wisdom. Mike


IACCM Benchmarking Study

Please download the pdf to get the latest IACCM Benchmarking study


Social Networking, Supplier Engagement, Contract Management: Do We Need a Big Step Forward? (Part 1)



Long After The Floods Recede, Supply Chains Feel The Pain

Guest post written by Jim Lawton Jim Lawton is president and general manager of D&B Supply Management Solutions, a unit of Dun & Bradstreet. 2011 is starting to feel like the year of unpredictability for global supply chains. Flooding in Thailand is just the latest event in a string of natural disasters, political turmoil and economic strife to batter any company making durable goods - especially those in the technology and automotive sectors.



Outsourcing in emerging markets faces the problem of weak legal systems to enforce contracts. This paper argues that business networks can be used as an institution to order contractual relationships in emerging markets where there are commonly shared norms among network members and where exchange of information among members is effective. This paper has a practical application for the management of contracts in emerging markets.

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