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2017-02-09 21:36:57

Contracting KPI's

Can someone suggest key Contracting KPI's in IT outsourcing projects.
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2017-02-08 16:42:19

Fixed price contract

Is a Buyer entitled to re-negotiate the price of a fixed price contract after work has finished due to the fact that Buyer involved its own resources and completed du...
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Lockheed Martin UK Ltd
2017-02-07 14:17:09

Commercial Exploitation Levy (CEL)

Does any have experience of the application/practice/strategy of a Commercial Exploitation Levy ?
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James Walker Group Limited
2017-02-02 16:39:58

Contracts team size

I wondered what size of contracts teams other companies on IACCM have please? What is the approximate ratio or % contracts management personnel to other types of empl...
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Phillips 66
2017-02-01 14:50:15

Supplier Management "best practices"

We're starting some work around Supplier Management and Performance Management and looking for any information from others around best practices you have at your compa...
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2017-01-28 23:07:22

Contract Management Recruiters

Can anyone provide the names - or links to a list of - recruiters that serve the contract management industry? I am looking to transition into the field in Toronto. ...
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Yorkshire Water Services Limited,
2017-01-27 11:50:35

Contract Coordinators

Are there any Contract Coordinators out there who would be interested in starting a networking community to discuss ideas, experiences etc?
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Yorkshire Water Services Limited,
2017-01-27 11:47:31

Contract Management Software

Is anyone aware of a Contract Management System that allows a Google type search for products/goods that are provided in a contract? For example if I were to search f...
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