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Transfer of Risk versus transfer of title

Hi Could someone please throw some light on the difference between the two concepts and their repercussions?


New Age contract management software

Hi All, Does your organization use any CLM software? What do organizations expect in a new age contract management softwares ? Is there any specific problem you are facing in the present CLM process and do you feel existing CLM software companies provide an optimum price / productivity? Looking forward to hear. In brief: I am an ex-Investment banker and starting up a venture in CLM space. Our team comes from private equity, venture capital and tech backgrounds. We are using advanced AI, ML and Neural Networks to generate best in class output. Since we are in the product development phase, any inputs from you would greatly help us. Also, happy to get on a call with you and understand in more detail. Thanks in advance! Regards, Udayan


The Royal decree of 14 January 2013 concerning the general execution rules of public tenders in Belgium in an english translation?

Unfortunately I have not been able to find an informal English translation online of The Royal decree of 14 January 2013 concerning the general execution rules of public tenders (the 'Royal Decree') in Belgium - Can anyone please help me? Thank you in advance:-)


Can Service Provider charge to Customer for efforts spent on submitting rejected Project ?

If Client ask for a project and delivery put some efforts to develop estimation and submit it to client. Client disapprove the Project. In this case can service provider claim efforts spent on submitting the estimation ?


Buyers & Risk

If buyers fail to understand the risks of post-contractual opportunism that can occur when they enter into long-term collaborative relationships, and if they allow suppliers to create high switching costs operationally, then the buyer may not receive the currently best available value for money deal in the market, but a sub-optimal offering from which it is difficult to exit. - The problem with win-win Why the notion of 'win-win' in collaborative long-term buyer-supplier relationships is as misguided as it is overused


IACCM Contract Design Award program

I'm looking for guidance about how to revise/rework contract templates to meet the criteria for the IACCM Contract Design Award. Does anyone have experience with this? The Research & Advisory Services document describes the criteria in general terms only: IACCM's team of experts evaluates your contract template based upon the following five major areas: 1. Language Criteria: How understandable are the words in your contract? 2. Design Criteria: What is the visual impact of your document, as its design influences usability? 3. Relationship Criteria: How far does your document go to establish a relationship with its users? 4. Content Criteria: What is your content and does its organization deliver your document's purpose? 5. Balance: Do the terms of your contract generate a sense of collaboration and trust?


"Sample Software Development Agreement"

Greetings all, Could someone tell me who contributed the Sample Software Agreement - https://www2.iaccm.com/resources/?id=9530 ? As part of compiling some resources relating to the IACCM Contract Principles, I made it into a Prose Object and referenced it in the comparison. Thanks, Jim http://source.commonaccord.org/index.php?action=doc&file=G/HazardJ-Comment-IACCMPrinciples-CmA/0.md

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