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Establishing Service Level Agreement with Clients Buiness Units & Other Supporting Departments.

We are in the process of Establishing Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Clients Buiness Units & Other Supporting Departments. Our aim is to traduce expectations into doable working days that could allow us to focus and add value on the transaction. Having SLA's will allow us to plan our workload, and to strategize resources as needed. All ideas are welcomed.


KPI's for EP Contract

Could anyone suggest KPI's for a Engineering and Procurement Contract?


KPI's for Spools Fabrication and Modules Assembly Contract

Could anyone suggest KPI's for Spools Fabrication and Modules Assembly (Fabrication) Contract?


Asset ownership - Contract advance - help please!

Hi. I am located in the UK. We have recently won a contract to supply outsourced services. As part of the agreement we agreed to providing capital investment which will be depreciated on a straight line basis over the life of the contract. Under this arrangement purchase the assets and pay for any associated works and we also retain title ownership. However, the client needs to demonstrate an increased turnover for central funding reasons and has asked us to provide the sum of the capital investment as a contract advance which our sales team have already agreed to. The ownership of the assets will therefore sit with the client, but they want us to physically place the orders and make the purchases for them on their behalf and pass the costs through directly by invoicing them. My senior legal counsel is not comfortable with this arrangement as we will become liable for the assets and associated works. I'd like to present a solution as we seem to be at an impasse with the client and our operational colleagues. I'd be really grateful of any ideas or examples based on experience of similar situations.


Contracting KPI's

Can someone suggest key Contracting KPI's in IT outsourcing projects.


SAP/Ariba Contract Drafting Tool - Fundamental Flaw?

I've been learning about the SAP/Ariba contract drafting tool set, with clause libraries, negotiation and approval workflows, and reporting capabilities. Our company is preparing to implement the combined SAP/Ariba solution in the medium term horizon (3-5 years). The functionality seems to meet our needs from a contracting lens, with one major flaw ... the tool is designed for contract drafting and negotiation to take place only AFTER the completion of sourcing and selection of a supplier. This can't be right! How do bidders know what they're bidding on? How can proposals be evaluated without alignment on the scope of work, compensation mechanism, terms and conditions, etc? Has anyone else seen the tool and reached the same conclusions? Do you have the same concerns? How can we influence this?


Womens network meeting London - Corporate Social Responsibility

I would like to thank the ladies from CGI who organised and hosted the event on 9th February and the very interesting speakers who gave their time to further our knowledge. Meeting those who attended and participating in the discussions' was invaluable and I would recommend attendance at these workshops to anyone who wants to further their knowledge, network and friendships. This forum has certainly planted seeds for further consideration and development in my current policy role and for the future when I return to the commercial and contract management role . Thank you ladies

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