IACCM Innovation Awards 2016

The IACCM Innovation Awards program recognizes leaders in our community - individuals and teams who are raising the profile of contract and commercial capability within their organizations. This program is open to all IACCM members/member companies, and encourages innovation in contract and commercial practices.

Winners will be announced in the following catergories on October 24th at the IACCM Americas Conference:

These are the finalists in alphabetical order by organization:

Award for Personal Initiative
For an individual practitioner who has shown outstanding leadership or endeavour in delivering value and raising the profile of contract and commercial management.

Award for Operational Improvement
Awarded for initiatives that have delivered significant business value through improved commercial or contracting process or practices.

Award for Strategic Direction
Awarded for initiatives that have raised the strategic profile and contribution of the commercial or contracting process or function.

Award for Outstanding Service Provider
For consultants, service or application providers who have led or enabled high value initiatives at client organizations.

Program of Visionary Change Award

Members' Choice Innovation Award
Voted on by IACCM members this award recognizes the individual or corporate member that has achieved success through innovation in contracting during the past year.

Join the ranks of previous winners including NetApp, Shell, The Boeing Company, IBM, Microsoft, Axiom and Accenture and demonstrate how you/your organization is achieving great innovation in contract and commercial practices.


IACCM Innovation Awards 2015

2015 Winners & Runners Up

The IACCM Innovation Awards: Celebrating Excellence & Innovation in Contracting

Selecting from 72 valid entries from organizations large and small, public and private, including many of the world's top brands, IACCM is pleased to announce and recognize the finalists of the 2015 edition of the innovation awards - individuals and teams who are raising the profile of contract and commercial capability within their organizations.

The winners in each category were 
announced during the Awards Ceremony at the IACCM Americas Conference, on October 6th in Henderson, NV.

These are the finalists in alphabetical order by organization:

Operational Improvement Award

Honorable Mention: Guided Missile Frigate System Program Office

Outstanding Service Provider Award

Honorable Mention: 8over8

Personal Initiative Award

Program of Visionary Change Award:

Strategic Direction Award

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Also, watch Andrew Sprey, the Director of Contracts and Commercial Management at CSC, as he gives and update 1 year after winning the IACCM Innovation Award:

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IACCM Innovation Awards 2014


Innovation Awards Supplement - among 81 entries, which stood out the most?

This supplement showcases key submissions of the 2014 IACCM Innovation Awards featuring not only the 13 winners and finalists but also a selection of particularly outstanding entries.

The IACCM Innovation Awards program recognizes leaders in our community - individuals and teams who are raising the profile of contract and commercial capability within their organizations. This program is open to all IACCM members/member companies, and builds on the 'License to Act Differently'program which encourages innovation in contract and commercial practices.



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Winner, Personal Initiative Award - Andrew Sprey, Director of Contracts and Commercial Mangement, CSC

He rescued contracts, recaptured millions in previously lost revenues

CSC was losing revenue and operating income on many accounts due to failure to adhere strictly individual contracts’ terms and conditions. Following his leading involvement on analysing the issues, Andrew Sprey quickly became CSC’s global lead and architect of the Profit Leakage Reduction Program.

Through his methodical approach, this successful global program achieved a validated financial contribution of $51m in 2013. Today CSC management believes no other single program at CSC has contributed more than the Profit and Revenue Leakage reduction program Andrew led.

Finalist, Personal Initiative Award - Martinne Heckscher, Lead Contract Manager, IBM

Enhanced Project Launch transforms outcomes for IBM

Martine Heckscher’s two-year project began with a simple quest to get to the root of why there was unacceptably high contract delivery and financial failure rate and why were obligations not being met. She was tasked to resolve the problem.

Using persistence and strong personal drive to understand the challenges, Martine has helped transform business outcomes, and achieve systemic global change in this huge organization. Projects are now meeting their obligations and are ten times more efficient. Instances of contract financial failure have been reduced to her project target of less than 3%. Today it is a global movement within IBM called Enhanced Project Launch. The software tool she implemented now has almost 30,000 users with over 10,000 programs being managed globally.

Finalist, Personal Initiative Award - Lalit Kumar, Head of Legal Services, Practicus

New simplified, collaborative contracts improve business experience throughout Practicus

He sold the value and achieved it! Lalit Kumar's persistence, foresight and leadership have resulted in new, simplified collaborative contracts that have improved the business experience for all of Practicus and their clients. Today sales are up, negotiation time is down, and more clients are signing up or adopting the new standard terms. Teams are more effective - and new clients want to work with them. The entire effort took only took 80 days.

Companies are now contacting Lalit for advice on how to make it happen - and Practicus was first to win an IACCM three-star contract design award for their client agreement and four-stars for their practitioner agreement. The journey hasn't ended!

Winner, Operational Improvement Award - Dr Bruce McLennan, Australian Defence Organization (ADO)

Getting relationships right underpins big transformation

The Australian Defence Organization (ADO) faced difficulty involving prime contractors bidding low to win work but raising labour rates to offset losses. After years of successive privatisations, attitudes had become entrenched and archaic - the tendering process itself had become a barrier to good practice.

Understanding that 'getting the relationships right' would be key. And it was at the heart of this highly successful business transformation, supported by Dr McLennan working closely with IACCM. Today the organisational culture has fundamentally changed and cooperative partnerships built to encourage innovation and investment - and significant cost savings have been achieved.

Winner, Operational Improvement Award - IBM

'Back to basics' approach yields radically simplified two-page contract

IBM needed to simplify its contracting process to maximize its Cloud computing business - but using contracts designed originally for IT services was causing problems. Going back to basics, and leveraging top organisational know-how, the team delivered a highly successful, plain language Cloud Services Agreement (CSA) contract of just two pages.

What began as a response to a specific issue has resulted in a new, radically simplified modular master contract, which has now been globally deployed for all of IBM's offerings, including Cloud, Machines, Appliances, Software and Services.

Finalist, Operational Improvement Award - NetApp

From obstacle to enabler - Legal is now the new lynchpin of better deals

Increasing volumes of non-standard requests were leading to multiple rushed, one-off solutions. Last-minute approval pressure was increasing risk and 'Legal' was seen as an obstacle rather than an enabler of business.

Using a 'whole system' approach built on communication and collaboration, new processes have significantly reduced risk escalations - with big benefits, cost and time savings for all stakeholders. Now providing business-critical information, the EMEA LDM Team's strengthened relationship with the business keeps it at the forefront of further development of new tools to facilitate deals and win business.

Finalist, Operational Improvement Award - VMWare - Aine Lyons and Worldwide Legal Operations Team

Strong relationship with outsourcing provider key to transformation success

Rapidly growing core business at VMWare generated increasing workloads for lawyers. And lack of a contract management system further challenged efforts to track existing contractual obligations for over 500,000 customers and partners. What began as a project to streamline portfolio and processes became a mammoth change management task that has transformed the business.

As well as comprehensive planning and strong management buy-in, key to its success has been the close working relationship developed with legal outsourcing provider Quislex, now effectively an extension of the legal team.

Winner, Strategic Direction Award - ConocoPhillips Company No.2

Supply chain staff turnover: collaboration reaps global rewards

ConocoPhillips Supply Chain organization faced chronic issues with employee development, engagement and retention.

A global survey provided critical insights: supervisors had no systematic way to address employee development needs and they needed more global collaboration, communication and transparency.

Tackling the issues through a highly successful ‘three-pronged approach’ the company has not only significantly reduced turnover, but is also reaping the rewards of a stable workforce engaged in learning and development.

Finalist, Strategic Direction Award - Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Central role for CM sparks ATO’s impressive transformation

Over time, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) had become isolated from government, key stakeholders and the community. Outsourcing and supplier management issues had developed. Many technical experts lacked the right people skills – and contract management was strictly an administrative function.

Today the ATO is a leading agency, seen as a trusted adviser and Center of Excellence in providing contracting services on major processes and sharing learning across the Commonwealth on capability development.

Better outcomes are being delivered with lower investment: the workforce has been reduced by almost 20% and overall productivity has improved.

Finalist, Strategic Direction Award - Guenther Bader, SAP SE

Translating CM-data into business data - a vision of the future?

With exponential growth, SAP SE's Global Contract Management Solution (CMS) could no longer handle data from over 250,000 customers, partners and suppliers in 188 countries. A new system was needed - one that enabled CMS end-users to visualize volumes of contractual data in an easy and intuitive way.

The new SAP solution not only saves high costs but combines contract data with big picture and granular details, and other sales process related data from different source systems - paving the way for future SAP dashboard projects both within the company and beyond.

Winner, Outstanding Service Provider Award - Quislex

Tyco/Quislex partnership leads to award-winning compliance

Responding to US legislation, Tyco International (US) Inc needed to streamline all its existing policies and procedures for engaging with third parties. This massive, highly complex task also needed to be done quickly.

With Quislex as Tyco's Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) partner - and with the 'in-it-together' quality of the partnership they developed - this daunting task became an award winning compliance program which Quislex continues to manage for Tyco.

Finalist, Outstanding Service Provider Award - Clutch Group

Innovative analytics engine tackles massive compliance task

Because of regulatory changes, Clutch Group's client, a leading global financial services institution, faced an enormous logistical challenge - and needed greater insight into its existing Over the Counter (OTC) derivatives environment and exposure.

Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, Clutch's innovative analytics system extracted and validated over 70,000 agreements in scope with over 99% accuracy, creating a structured, secure and searchable Client Data Repository/Database - and significant efficiencies through leveraging the technology.

Finalist, Outstanding Service Provider Award - CSC

Source of contention now a tool for proactive management and collaboration

With their long-standing outsourcing history, CSC and Zurich Insurance were operating three separate, complex contracts, each typically containing over 2,000 obligations. Independently, both parties were using an automated system to capture, track and manage all of the individual obligations in the each of the three contracts.

When the two systems were matched - and produced a remarkably similar view of the data - both parties were quick to see the potential. With formal agreements in place to share and track agreed sets of obligations, the number of unaffirmed obligations was rapidly reduced from 125 down to zero. Today, what was once a concern and source of contention is now a tool for proactive management and collaboration.

Featured entry: Personal Initiative - Paul Hemlin, MD, Contract Management Direct

Traditional approach was driving in costs...

Working with British Aerospace Engineering Systems (BAES) on a major project, Paul Hemlin's dynamic approach created opportunities for engaging with stakeholders and suppliers to understand the costs that traditional contracting and procurement methods were driving into their proposals - and what could be gained by removing them.

Taking the lead in creating and implementing a bespoke contract began a process of evolution and better understanding of risk - which became a compelling factor in the ultimate decision to outsource.

Featured entry: Personal Initiative - Azeezat Sunmonu, Regional Contracts Manager, GE Oil & Gas

CM team had virtually no direct experience...

A new team working from six different countries and four different time zones, with virtually no direct Oil and Gas commercial or contracts experience - this was the situation facing GE Oil and Gas (MENAT)'s Regional Contracts Manager, Azeezat Sunmonu.

The significant success she achieved with limited resources in a very challenging environment has not only met the challenge but raised the profile of contracts and commercial professionals within GE.

Featured entry: Operational Improvement - Avaya Inc.

Standardising the nonstandard - how did they do it?

With global transactions increasing, Avaya's regionalized approach to non-standard terms and conditions was making implementation difficult - only its contracting organization had a global view. This problem became a success story when the team used a tool that did more than just produce a globally-consistent list of non-standard terms.

Featured entry: Operational Improvement - Microsoft

Outsourcing's impressive results for contract management

Global inconsistencies in the contracting process were creating an unpredictable experience for Microsoft, leading to non-standard processes, long processing times and compliance issues.

Microsoft's decision to centralize legal review of procurement contracts into a single team resulted in outsourcing high volume work and helpdesk responsibilities to its experienced LPO service provider - with impressive results.

Featured entry: Operational Improvement - Accenture

Big benefits from solving a customer problem

Changes made by a large Telco client highlighted significant issues in Accenture's change request process. It was almost impossible to know which were 'work at risk' or by how much.

The team's successful implementation of their innovative new Commercial Coverage Report has reduced work at risk by 95% in less than a year. The process improvement developed by contract management to solve a single problem is now a highly valued and continually improving tool, used daily by almost the entire project leadership team.

Featured entry: Operational Improvement - Capgemini

'Pay as you go' model funds new project development

Capgemini's successful 'Contract Compliance & Optimization' (CCO) legal services team had modest beginnings, when the team realized the valuable contribution it could make by supporting delivery teams to comply with contractual terms and prepare change requests.

Financing the new processes and support through a 'pay as you go model' as part of the business case for each project allowed Capgemini to grow legal support despite tight budgets, and show quick returns.

Featured entry: Personal initiative - Nick Boymal, VP and APJ Counsel, Hewlett Packard (HP)

Hewlett Packard - customers now ask for Fast Track contracting

Nick Boymal realised HP's current contracting methodology was having a negative impact. 'Old school' negotiation methods focused on issues that largely didn't arise post contract, producing strained relationships before the contract even began.

Today customers ask for HP's innovative 'Fast Track' contracting approach. This new and highly successful methodology has changed the way HP operates with its customers and intermediaries.

Featured entry: Strategic Direction - UK Cabinet Office

Commercial focus gives public sector competitive edge

In the wake of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis the UK government urgently needed to reduce public spending, but wanted to do so in a way that would not damage procurement quality or undermine its long term goals.

Setting out to achieve a strong commercial strategy for all stages of the contract lifecycle, extending far beyond the procurement stage, it has drawn on commercial sector experience to advise and help departments achieve very significant results.

Featured entry: Strategic Direction - NATS UK Air Traffic Control

'Crowd sourcing' solution is new commercial model

In the complex technical environment of air traffic control, NATS had designed new technology to overcome safety issues arising from proposed third party developments. But the cost of implementing it needed to be met by the developers themselves - some of whom had widely conflicting interests - without penalising first movers.

A highly collaborative consensus-building approach needed to be taken to fund its implementation. The NATS commercial team found a way to do it. And their solution provides an exciting and innovative industry model.

Featured entry: Outstanding Service Provider - Icertis

Collaborative approach generates solutions

With the number of agreements and contracts to be managed increasing exponentially, Microsoft's fragmented contract management process was becoming highly unmanageable. Selected to provide a scaleable, user-friendly solution, Icertis' successful collaboration with Microsoft led to innovative solutions and enhancements to its contract management capability.

Icertis Contract Management's cloud native enterprise software is now in use the world over, contract administration costs have been reduced by 40% and the speed of contracting improved by 60%.

Be inspired also by the 2013 IACCM Innovation Awards winners and runners up - see details below or listen to our Innovation Award Winner Thought Leadership call here

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Personal Initiative Award

  • Andrew Sprey, CSC
  • Martinne Heckscher, IBM
  • Lalit Kumar, Practicus


Operational Improvement Award

  • Dr Bruce McLennan, Major Fleet Unit Ship Repair and Maintenance Reform Program 
  • IBM
  • NetApp
  • Aine Lyons and VMware Worldwide Legal Operations Team


Strategic Direction Award

  • Australian Tax Office
  • ConocoPhillips Company
  • Guenther Bader, SAP SE


Outstanding Service Provider Award

  • Clutch Group
  • CSC
  • Quislex
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